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About Us


Welcome to Blue Canary Bakery’s home on the internet! We’re a home-based cottage food bakery registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.


What does that mean for you as a customer? It means small batches, customized desserts, and treats made to order. Given our status as a cottage food bakery, our bakes are homemade and not subject to state inspection.


We love custom orders and inquiries! Reach out today!

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Photo of baker and owner of Blue Canary Bakery

MEET the baker

Hi there, I'm Renee. I'm the owner and baker at Blue Canary Bakery. Baking is my passion and part-time profession.

I started this business in the summer 2020 after years of baking treats for my friends and family, just for fun. Over the years my skills improved and my passion grew such that they kept wanting to pay me for my efforts! It got tough to say no, and opening a business was the obvious next step. I love providing baked treats for my customers' events of all sizes and occasions. 

Blue Canary Bakery operates out of my home in accordance with the 28A.152 Cottage Foods Exemption to Minnesota state law. Per regulations, I am registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. In simple terms, the Cottage Food exemption means that I operate with some additional restrictions and my bakes are not subject to state inspection. 

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